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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Georgian Bay, Byng Inlet.....rustic....

Continued difficulty with loading pictures. When we have a good signal, will upload more pics for the last few days.
A bit narrow on the waterway, but so pretty...

Perfect weather again today. We left the harmony of Hopewell Bay and carefully threaded through the rocks and between the buoys. We passed by Port au Baril and cruised on the outside (that means in the open water of Georgian Bay) to Byng Inlet.
Another of the beautiful white and red lighthouses. Port au Baril.

Before GPS, Loran, RDF.....there was the barrel! Port au Baril was named so because the Byng Inlet was identified by the barrel!

Small waves and little wind made for a great day.  Found Brit to be a bit rustic, but the Wrights Marina staff was cordial and friendly. No services nearby (except ice cream!), so again we cooked our dinner in and tonight found a table and umbrella to enjoy the outdoors.
Kate and Greg are delivering their goodies to the delectable meal.

How nice to have a table outside with such good food and friends! Hey, where is Glo? Is she missing from the picture...again?

Note the yellow electrical cord draped over the teak that Jim worked so hard to refinish. He found a towel to protect his work. Blue tape indicates Jim is adding another coat of varnish to the new teak installed in Stratford, CT.

This buoy indicates a wreck on the chart. Oh yeah! are seeing another of those wonderful boat houses. Looks more like a house boat house.

Weather forecast for tomorrow is for a bit more wind so we are leaving early, hoping to arrive at the Bustard Islands before the winds come up on Georgian Bay.

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  1. It only gets better Jim & Gloria, just wait till you get to the North Channel! I love following your blog. I spent a few years in Georgian Bay and Lake Superior on Coast Guard ships servicing all those lighthouses and floating aids. Takes me back and we can't wait to do the trip ourselves someday. Keep the updates and pics coming. We're enjoying it immensely.

    PS. Parry Sound is called "Hooterville" and is the home of Bobby Orr.


    Rick & Lori