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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Georgian Bay, Parry Sound

Cruising in through the islands in Georgian Bay has been a pleasure. Everywhere are rocks. Cottages are built on rocks. Cottages range from modest to large homes. We cruised up the South Channel into Parry Sound and back out the North Channel, which adds 11 miles to the small boat channel.
Such interesting cottages built on rock. How do they do that?

Some cottages are easier than others to build....

We stayed at the Parry Harbour Town Dock. Big Sound Marina is managed by the Chamber of Commerce as well, but Big Sound was full.  The Town Dock is a long cement dock that is a bit too high for pleasure boats, but we made it work. Sobey's, the local grocery store picked us up in a van and drover us the 3 miles to the store. Sobey's is probably the nicest grocery store we have seen on the trip and we roamed every aisle and found almost everything on our list! What a pleasure to have transportation!
The dock was much higher than pleasure boats would usually use, so climbing onto the wall can be a job for long legged people. Anyone know any long legged people?

Grianan cruising through one of the many tight spots. Can't fall asleep on this run!
Parry Sound booms in the summer when the boaters and cottagers are in town. The remainder of the year, we hear, is...pretty quiet and with 75% of the population back in their primary residence.
The rocks are beautiful even without the evergreens and shrubbery.

So many interesting lights along the way.

Loons are camera shy. By the time I turn to take a picture, a loon has dived under the water and won't be seen for some time and some distance away. Don't worry, I have not given up! I'll get you Mr. Loon!
The rain began, but we slept soundly through the night and left the dock in the rain. A light rain can settle the waves down and make the water flat. The trip was different than the perfect days we had experienced of late, but not difficult. We did encounter a bit of fog along the way, which appeared suddenly and was extremely thick. Lasted but a few minutes and we found sunshine along the way.

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