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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Georgian Bay, Beausoleil Island, Frying Pan Bay

The Big Cooper, a Monk 36, is moored in Midland Harbour City Dock with us.  Fortunately for us, Beacon Bay, Sponsor of the Georgian Bay Rendezvous, offered to pick us up this morning so we could attend the chart review of the Georgian Bay. We hadn't planned on attending the Rendezvous, so the wine and cheese party along with the chart information sharing was a nice and pleasant surprise.

Ken & Mike, managers of the marina sponsoring the Georgian Bay Rendezvous , along with a few other marina residents, shared their knowledge of Georgian Bay.  What a relief to have this information! We have marked our charts and are ready to go! They informed us of the good spots and the "don't go there" spots. This truly is a great help.

The water was so calm with a slight breeze. Gorgeous.

Took the boys in the dinghy to shore and climbed the rocks. This is what we saw!

Thank goodness the wind died while we were charting and we had a great run up Georgian Bay to Frying Pan Bay on Beausoleil Island. Tonight there are 24 boats in the Bay. Since the Bay is a National Provincial Park, there are a few docks, which by the time we arrived were filled.
Glo, Bud and Boo on the top of the mountain! Nice boat in background!

There is a trail here at the Bay, but  poison ivy lines each side of the trail. Next time we will wear hiking shoes, socks and lightweight long pants.  We decided to turn back and just enjoy the day.
Jim wanted Bud to go swimming. You would think a lab would want to go into the water. NO!!!

Note the boats rafted together. Quite a fun place.

Had to include one boat house! Love those old boathouses. Such charm.

Quiet in parts and crazy in other parts of the small boat channel.

Now we know where the Pride of Midland goes - small boat channel!
Dinner with Kate and Greg was delightful as usual. They climbed into their dinghy and motored over to Crawdad to share the meal. Tomorrow we are off to Henry’s  Fish Restaurant in San Souci on Frying Pan Island (different Frying Pan!) for lunch with no final destination in mind. We are loving this anchorage and are thinking we would like another naturally stunning anchorage tomorrow.

Another incredible sunset......

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