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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Georgian Bay, Hopewell Bay and what a honey it is!

Honeywell Bay is now on our list of favorite spots. Put it on your Bucket List. The Bay is surrounded by pink granite, sometimes covered by lichens (?) of other colors. Rocks jut out of the clear glistening water and the water is so clear, we could see the bottom as we cruised in the dinghy.
Someone had built this little man of stone. Bud and Boo were admiring it on the colored granite.

The Bay is large and there were two sailboats rafted together as well as two cruisers rafted together. We thought we would RAFT! Crawdad came in first and dropped the hook, next came Grianan and we grabbed their lines and tied them to us. Both boats were protected with fenders and we smiled at the pleasure of the bay and sharing the beauty with Kate and Greg.
Can't have too many fenders!

Two of our friends rafted off the Hudson River when a storm came up and bounced them against each other with significant damage. The smaller Formula tore their canvas and a few spots of the hull were cracked. Also, screws from the Mainship rubrail tore into the fiberglass. Not pretty. The Mainship header and rail fiberglass were significantly damaged. So, we remembered the story and put out probably 10 fenders. Should be good!
So nice to be rafted with Grianan in such a beautiful place. Only a few other boats were in the bay with us.

Two happy guys!

Just "hanging" out together!

The weather was perfect and we dined up on the bridge on Grianan (a 40 foot Mainship).
Our car......

Kate and Greg investigating the area in their dinghy.

Both boats must run their generators for a few hours twice a day when we are at anchor.

What a gorgeous sunset!

We sat on our swim platforms and dangled our feet in the water. Other boaters were swimming with delight and we were delighted with the anchorage we had found. The anchorage was recommended by our friends at the Rendezvous. Two cheers for Beacon Cove in Midland, ON!

See why were were enjoying the sunset so much!

Snug Harbor light house. Many of the lighthouses in this area are similar.
Quiet spot with only the hum of our generators for a short time.

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