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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Big Chute - never will we see anything so unique!

Another early morning out of Port of Orillia to cruise through cottage territory. The Waterway is extremely narrow in parts with rocks protruding through the water with evergreen vegetation. This cruise was probably the most beautiful cruise we have made along the Great Loop to date.
Narrow channels - we called Channel 16 for a Securite - to tell other boats we are entering the narrow channel. We listen before we enter to see if other boats call Securite.

Most buildings are cottages. Don't know what this is, but it is interesting!

Nice boathouse!

Guess on a nice day you might see anything.

You think the channel can't get narrower....hang in there!

Beautiful rocks and evergreens.

Don't see a lot of these beautiful wooden boats. These guys look like they are having a blast!

This group of 8 isn't having as much fun as the guys in the wooden speedboat!

Just cruising behind the boat!

Crown this boathouse King of all Boathouses!!

This is the railway car on the Big Chute that carries the boats over the hill and down to the water.

Stop the traffic, boats coming through!

Hanging off the back is not a problem.

Once the railway car is in the water, the boats are floated off. New boats are then floated on and lifted with slings.

Headed down the hill!

Everyone is on the boat and looking over the edge. Yikes!

Somehow it seems like the boats hang over the end tooooo much!

On the Blue Line, waiting to enter the railway car. Who knows when you will be called. The operators pack them in.

The guy in front of us was listing to one side.

Now it is our turn.

Casual as can be. In a day's work!

The bottom of the railway car falls away, as do the straps. Floating away.

Grianan in the sling. They were taken alone. Lucky Grianan!

We arrived at the Big Chute and the area was buzzing. We saw the blue line, but no railway car and squeezed into a spot on the municipal dock, helped by friendly locals. Many stops we encounter friendly Canadians who remind us that being neighborly is important to them.
A few minutes later the railway car rolled in over the hill. Wow! Boats were inside the railway car and then soon thereafter they were floating and driving away. The boats on the Blue Line were called by the Railway Operators without order to the lineup. The operational park guys know how to pack the boats into the railway float. We watched a few boats go over the top of the hill on the railway car and decided instead of waiting until tomorrow morning, we would just get in line and go. How fascinating!
We were called into the car and drove in behind a small boat. The straps under the boat were tightened and that was it! No more boats in the car with us and we were hanging off the back of the car. Off went the railroad car on the tracks and climbed the hill. We were on the boat and could see the water on the other side. As we dropped, we enjoyed the scenery and in less than 7 minutes, we were back in the water. Grianan rode the previous car and had saved a spot for us on the dock.
Tourist was anchored below the lock with us and Rick and Pam enjoyed appetizers and cocktails with us outside on the dock. Beautiful evening and dinner with Greg and Kate was delicious as always!

Tourist hanging over the edge. Rick is inspecting and isn't too happy.

Tourist and Crawdad on one side with Grainan on the other side of the dock. Nice quiet spot at the bottom of the Big Chute.

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