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Monday, July 4, 2011

Erie Canal, Amsterdam, NY..........

Sometimes there is not enough of a signal to post. So frustrating!

Weather Bug predicted rain at 40%. Usually that means a few thunderstorms. Not so! It rained most of the day and some of the showers were severe with thunder and lightening. Not BooBoo's favorite kind of day! This kind of weather keeps many cruisers off the water and it appears the Holiday weekend keeps people at home too.
At times the rain was intense, as was the thunder and lightening.

Jim's jacket covered him where?
Honky Dory. They were on the lock wall with us the previous night.

Restaurant really nice, but only open a few days a week.......not the day we were there!

Amsterdam looks like there were better days.

Gates are used in a few areas to control the water flow. No lock, just a gate.

Boo was ready for action!

Buddy, on the other hand didn't care what happened anywhere in the world, except right here and right now!

Yesterday we fueled up at Troy Dock. Speedy, a Burger 70 had stayed for a few nights. We briefly met the Captain.  Today we ran across Speedy at Lock 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9. The Captain called us after 9 and told us he wanted to ditch us as we were slowing him down. No hard feelings, but they were on a delivery. We meet so many nice people, it was funny to meet such a person.
Speedy, waiting in the lock. Since the locks are so close - often 3 or 4 miles apart, the Lockmaster makes the early boat wait! So sorry!

I think they call this color coordinated.

Big rainfall, big waterfall!

We did end up with Honky Dory. They were secured to Lock 3 along with us and Jerry had helped us dock. We are amazed at the people who jump out of their boats to help dock. In Amsterdam, a woman saw us and jumped out of her Kady Krogen 50 to help us dock. As soon as we were secure, she returned to her boat. Just plain boating courtesy.
On the dock at Amsterdam Riverlink Park.

Locks have hanging ropes with a heavy end. Sometimes it is a chain or pipe, this lock has ??????   Notice the gloves. These lines are slimy!

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