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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Trent Severn Peterborough Lift - truly amazing!

Two nights at the Peterborough Marina were delightful. Muddy Waters, Inconceivable, Seamoore, Jeremiah, Dream Catcher, Bade Boomer, Sea and Sand and Pilgrim were all in the Marina with us. We have been meeting up with many of the Loopers we have known a long time. For example, we met Seamoore the day they left Grand Harbor Marina on Pickwick Lake in Tennessee.
Peterborough is a pretty town with bike trails along the river.

Sometimes the opening in the river is a bit narrow....

If this were my dog, I would name her Priscilla.

Along the Waterway, people are just having a great life.

You may be seeing more boat houses. I really like boat houses.
This Pug was appropriately named Chester. I don't know his owner's name and didn't ask.

Kate and Greg from Grainer rode their bikes with us to the Peterborough Lock. We wanted to watch a few boats go through the lock. When we are in the boat going through the lock, it is difficult to see what is happening mechanically.
Note the pan on the right is in the air. It has 4 boats in the tub. The left tub is in the water.

The Peterborough is truly amazing. It was opened in 1904 and is Lock 21 on the Trent Severn Waterway. The dual lifts are the highest hydraulic boat lift in the world with a lift of 65 feet. This was a considerable accomplishment at the time when conventional locks usually had a 7 foot rise. The Lock has two identical caissons (think big bath tubs) in which boats ascend and descend. Without getting into too much detail, which is interesting stuff,  The lift works with gravity using the counterweight principle. Pretty neat stuff.
The right tub is being lowered while the left tub is moving up.

The boats are leaving the right pan and the left pan is in the air. Boats are moving into the left tub to be lowered.

Tonight we enjoyed dinner at a Flemish brewery and many ate mussels. I, of course, ate a grilled cheese with three kinds of gourmet cheese. Let me ask, who was happier?
This Peterborough music venue is located directly next to the Peterborough Marina. The evening was warm with a breeze off the river. We cooked dinner with Kate and Greg and enjoyed the music.

Don't remember this guys name. What would you name him?

Seamoore , Dream Catcher and Jeremiah. We had 12 for dinner so 6 of us ate in the bar and these three couples ate at the only table available on a Sunday night.

Acting up in the bar were Bade Boomer, Grainan and Crawdad.
 Tomorrow we traverse the lift as well as 5 other lifts and for that we travel 9 miles.

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  1. Been reading aand sharing back in Little Falls, NY. Thanks for the motivation. I am "loop" bound!

    Chris Connolly
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