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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trent Severn, Youngs Point, ON. Every day is an adventure!

Our day was not as expected. We planned to lock up four locks and stay at Buckhorn Lock, but not today! Instead of 22 miles, we cruised less than 7 miles.
Beautiful cruise up the calm Waterway. A bit narrow, so better go slow.

So many charming cottages. Most owners are from Toronto, but also Peterborough and Kingston.

We watched this plane taxi and take off.

An evasive Loon! Loons are just like dolphins. When I see one, they almost immediately dive into the water. Loons stay underwater for a long time and surface...who knows where. I absolutely love Loons! I keep trying to get a good picture!

Lots of fishermen.

Sometimes, just cruisers investigating.

What happened? As we tied up at Young’s Point, the lock tender told us of issues at two later locks that would stop our progress. To make matters worse, boats were stacking up as they could not move ahead. He told us we would not be able to tie up at the lock walls as they were already full. Quickly we decided to cross back through the lock and tie up below the lock – the only space available.
Boats lined up at Young's Point. Cannot park or moor on the Blue Line.

Patriot. Looper boat raising funds for Wounded Warriors. This man has been to Iraq twice and Afghanistan. He retired and decided to try to set a Guinnes World Record for doing the Loop in a Pontoon boat. Chase, his chocolate Labrador is along for the ride.

We were greeted by Alice and Barry on Prowler and they helped us tie up.  So nice to see them as they are friends with Wayne and Ruth from High Spirits.
I had a bad day. If I look wet, it is because I just took a dip in the Waterway. My Mom left the boat and I followed her and jumped onto the bowsprit on the front of the boat. She keeps telling me not to get up there. She didn't see me, but I fell off the bowsprit into the water with a splash. Greg was sitting nearby and heard the splash and saw me trying to climb the slimey wall of the Waterway. My Dad handed Greg the boat hook and Greg rescued me from the water. I was wet and shaken, but my Mom returned shortly and cuddled me. I'm OK now.

Kids always find a way to have fun. One of the other boats told us the boys played with Buddy while we were at dinner. Buddy chewed through his leash (again) and found his ball. He dropped his tennis ball into the water and the boys threw the ball back into the boat where Buddy retrieved the ball and dropped the ball back into the water. What fun! We could hear Buddy barking from quite a distance away.

Great store on the Lock.

Gary, Rich and Henry sat and chatted the day away.

 The storm that came through knocked out the power and felled trees. Possibly the lock could be open later in the day or not for a few days, so we stayed at Young’s Point below the wall, only 7 miles from Peterborough! Since other Loopers were “stuck” as well, we enjoyed cocktails and appetizers together.  Then off to Old Bridge Inn for dinner. Wonderful dinner with Greg and Kate. Could be worse!

So, we have already crossed through Lock 27 two times and will lock up again tomorrow morning!

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