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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Erie Canal Working Boats - maybe I took too many pictures.....

This simple, small tug is used daily on the Erie Canal. The operator told me it was built in 1934 .....and still running like a top!

Rear view of this unusual tug. Named Governor Roosevelt - from 1928.

Side view.

Looks like a great boat for a tour of the city. Glass all around.

Colors are always consistent on Erie Canal boats.

Boats are similar, but differences have been created over the years. They must do great maintenance to keep these boats operating for 80+ years.

Today they were dealing with one of their scows that sank.

The Erie Canal appears to have a lot of equipment.

Dredging pipes were recently delivered and not yet prepared to begin dredging. We have not had a problem with the depth of the Canal. Buoys have been moved and replaced where there are areas of shoaling.

Oops, that isn't a work boat. This looks like a party boat on the Erie!

Never saw any fenders made of anything but what you see on this boat. No plastic or rubber ever touches the Erie Canal work boats.

Wonder how they maintain the fenders and mustache. Does the mustache ever need a trim?

Private work boat on the canal. At least the owner had the good sense to use the classic fenders and mustache.

Looks like the back view of a blonde woman with a bad perm.

Interesting wood treatment on the house.

Maybe I should tell them that these fenders do not qualify as classic.......but then again, maybe they are classic!

This scow is located in a yard that has a gate entrance. The yard is low and surrounded by walls, so that the entire area can be flooded to move boats under repair. This barge has the look of earlier barges.

Workboat on the Hudson.

Oops again. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.

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