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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Erie Canal, Sylvan Beach, NY. On to Lake Oneida!

Little Falls is so charming we debated about staying another day. Bike trails, charming shops & incredible weather......but we press on with two other Looper couples. Grianan and The Old Grouch.

Grianan began the Loop in Oriental, NC and Greg and Kate are from New Jersey. The Old Grouch is on the homestretch, Dave and Brenda are from Toronto. Tomorrow we will head out onto Lake Oneida, which is 80 square miles and shallow.  Shallow bodies of water with a long fetch (long distance for wind to travel) can create rough water. The forecast for tomorrow is good in AM, so off we go at about 8AM!
Grianan, a 40 foot Mainship is in the lock. The ropes are on the wall on both sides. You can see the lights just over the bow pulpit on the left. We followed Grianan into the lock and grab the ropes hanging behind them in the lock.

The train bridge goes over the Canal just before the lock. Incredible sight!

Sylvan Beach, NY

Massive amounts of debris are stuck at the top of the dam.

Quite a sight as we look behind us to see The Old Grouch, a Nordic Tug 37. The Erie Canal is straight where the architects of the Canal decided the river was not direct in its route. Other parts of the Erie Canal are pleasantly winding.

The trip was relaxing, but long at 50 miles and 5 locks. Three of the locks were lifts up (which are more difficult) and finally, we came to the last two locks for the day which were down.  We continue to see logs and flotsam in the Canal.

The entrance to each lock has a red and green light. When the green light is shown, you are allowed to proceed into the Lock. The red light indicates boats must wait.

Most of the lock doors leak significant amounts of water.

We see different things along the Erie Canal as we go. This area near Sylvan Beach is a Resort with Park Models and other Manufactured Homes (can't call them anything else as it would be too painful!)

The Amusement Park must be fun for the kids. Whenever I see a ride like this I remember a teenage visit to the fair where I dismounted a ride and immediately threw up. Sorry.....

Tuesday is bike night. Amazing how many women now have their own bikes. They are nuts.
Ilion Marina is typical of the marinas along the Erie Canal. Small operations with friendly people.

These Erie Canal employees are hard at work.

This sailboat is from Sarnia and is being brought back by one guy. Difficult to travel the locks with one person. He has been in Florida for 4 years and seems to have accumulated "stuff".

Fishing below the dam looks quite inviting for those who love to fish. (Not me.)

We have seen all different makes of crafts. This pontoon boat is transversing the Locks. Any type of craft is allowed in the Locks, including kayaks.

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