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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Trent Severn, Buckhorn, ON - The Generator...

Some cottages are part of a resort.

Individual cottages are built on the rocky Canadian Shield.

Oh, a cool boathouse.

Crawdad weaved through the rocks, including Hell's Gate. This is our second Hell's Gate. The other Hell's Gate was on the East River on the way to Long Island Sound.

Amazing structures with only access by boat.

Rocky Ridge. Love that name!

The Lockmaster explained how he works for 7 months. During the spring, summer and fall he works long hours. He banks his extra hours and enjoys 5 months off. He will soon be eligible to retire, but doesn't know if he will. He is extremely competent and called boats in and spoke on the loud speaker to control the order boats leave the lock.

Buckhorn has a Buck horn.

We moored next to Magic Kingdom for a second time, so the boys enjoyed seeing sweet 12 year old Skye a second time. Her Dad brushes her teeth daily with an electric toothbrush. She has all her teeth at 12 years of age. Seems like she would be happy to give a smile......

Boats lined both sides of the lock – top and bottom at Young’s Point. The storm and ensuing power outage had caused Lock Chaos!  We got the word that all locks were open and we would be the first boat in the lock at   830AM -  by that time 7 boats were in line on the water behind us…..waiting
This is Prowler owned by Alice and Barry. They are friends of Wayne and Ruth from High Spirits. They are faithful followers of the blog. Hello Alice and Barry!

As the boats are packed in the lock, we find ourselves inches from the door. After the door closes, there is space behind the boat.

Grianan and Crawdad along the wall. Our mast will remain down until we leave the Trent Severn.

Unfortunately, our generator stopped working. Jim investigated, but knew it was time to ask for help. One of the cruisers we had met along the way lives in Buckhorn and was aware of a good mechanic and marina in Buckhorn. We called repeatedly until we found there was no” room at the Inn”, but they offered to visit us on the nearby Lock wall.
Jim has two faithful friends. Can you find them?

The floor has panels that are removed for full access to the engines and generator. The generator is fully encased by a sound deadening case. Jim removed the surrounding case in pieces to gain access.

Lock masters on the Port Severn do not use the VHF Radios, but rather use the land line telephone. The phone numbers are published and the Lock masters are happy to receive your call. Very unlike any other locks, be it on the US River System or Erie Canal, where VHF channels are use for communication.  In the US, the radio is used for bridge and commercial tow communication as well.

Our friends from Seamoore, Dream Catcher, Jeremiah, Bade Boomer and Muddy Waters were tied at the lock as well tonight. Fun to visit and compare notes.

Dinner was delicious at the Cody Inn, a Chinese and Canadian Restaurant. Not sure how those combinations go together, but the food was great as was the company with Kate and Greg from Grianan.

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