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Friday, July 8, 2011

Clayton, NY - Antique Boat Museum - wow!

We left Oswego to cross Eastern Lake Ontario. The water was flat and the day was incredible. We arrived in Clayton, NY and tied up at the City Dock. Our purpose was to visit the Antique Boat Museum, located almost immediately adjacent to the City Dock.

Oswego Light house. I always think about the families that must have lived in the lighthouses, especially during the winter months.

Tied to the City Dock at Clayton, NY.

Grianan cruising in the flat water. Boo for the Epic sailors, but Yeah for cruisers.

Incredible, AGAIN! What a day! You decide for yourself as you view these pictures. I had no idea how important Gar Wood was to the early days of boat racing. He was successful and creative. The Detroit River and the St. Clair Rivers were sites of his racing.

The Antique Boat Museum was filled with incredible wooden boats. The two large boats in the center of the picture could be boarded for inspection.

This boat was my favorite. 1958 Cris Craft wooden boat with fiberglass coating. Huckins, in Jacksonville, FL rehabs their older wooden boats by covering the wood with fiberglass. This Cris Craft is a truly gorgeous boat!

Pardon Me was pretty special too. How would you like a 48 foot runabout?  I know I would!

Pardon me is in the process of renovation. There is a special building for viewing of the renovation process.

The recently completed open interior of Pardon Me. (Don't you love that name!)

For 25 bucks they will take you for a ride!

Some of the boats are in the water. Again, great names, Gadfly and Zipper. If you are a member of the Museum, you can charter these boats for a very inexpensive price.

The Museum teaches children in the ubiquitous Optimist Prams

We enjoyed dinner with Grianan, Kate and Greg from New Jersey and Jenson Beach, FL. Nice couple and great travelers.

Tomorrow off to Kingston and into the Trent Severn.

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  1. That museum is truly a national treasure. We love visiting it. I've been thrown out a few times for drooling on the chrome and varnish! ;-)

    Good luck on the rest of your trip. The Trent-Severn is beautiful although we've not done it yet. I spent a few years on the upper lakes with the Coast Guard and I'm sure you'll just fall in love with the North Channel.