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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Erie Canal, Brewerton, NY, EssKay Yard....busy, busy!

We left Sylvan Beach, NY ready to cross Lake Oneida. Nice day with thunderstorms in the afternoon, some severe. Better get off the dock and be on our way - with The Old Grouch from Toronto.  We arrived in Brewerton and tied to the dock at the EssKay Yard. 

Heading out of Sylvan Beach onto Lake Oneida.

Buddy is looking out the window and Boo is sleepy eyed.

The sun was glistening on the water and there were few boats out on Lake Oneida. The water is shallow, so we were careful to follow the ATONs (Aids to Navigation).

Entering Brewerton. More bridges! Still on the Erie Canal......

Ess-Kay Yard. The Sportfisherman hit a deadhead (log under water) going 30 knots and damaged both of his propellers. He has two 1500 hp engines. Crawdad has two 135hp engines. Guess we won't be racing any time soon.

Boo and Buddy were bathed (finally) and we were off to Wegmans (incredible!) to buy groceries in the marina's courtesy car. We arranged to have the boat pulled later in the afternoon to clean the bottom and examine the anodes. Zinc anodes are the main protection on the boat to protect from corrosion. They are sacrificial and deteriorate before other metals on the boat deteriorate. Our anodes were corroded more than expected, so we replaced them as well.

Crawdad in the sling.

Ian, the owner of the Marina (with his wife Tammy) controls the lift. He was a computer programmer and was laid off from his job. Tammy worked at the Marina and he said he would give it a try. That was 20 years ago. Must be working OK.

These anodes will be secured to the shaft that connects the propellers to the engines. They are fresh and new!

The sacrificial anode on the transom. Glad we pulled the boat to clean the bottom and replace the anodes.

Our first view as Crawdad was removed from the water revealed the bottom was covered with barnacles! A power washing removed most of them with the remainder removed with a scraper. Next the water line was cleaned. Oh how I hate a dirty waterline! A pumpout, fuel and we were back at the dock with a thinner wallet, but Crawdad in good shape to continue on to Oswego, NY for the night and into Lake Ontario.

Shopping at Wegman's. What a pleasure!

Only Jim can bag the groceries. Move aside Wegman bagger!

Holy Barnacles!

The bottom of the keel was repaired by Skipper Bud's in Bay City before we left on the Loop. The keel repair was completed and put into the water without our inspection, due to timing. Mistake! Promises, promises. Next winter Jim and I will be working on the keel to make sure it is done right!

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