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Friday, July 1, 2011

Houghtaling Island, New Baltimore, NY....sign me up!

The trip up the Hudson River was interesting, as usual! We have seen so many lighthouses with many in total disrepair. As we left Norrie State Park, a pontoon boat was leaving at the same time. Local volunteers have done significant work to fix up the lighthouse. More local people should do the same and save the lighthouses!
Esophus Lighthouse. Already looking better than most, thanks to the local volunteers.

On their way out to the Esophus Lighthouse to work!

Another abandoned lighthouse. It isn't even on the chart any more.

Industry has not fared well along the River.

Leave it to these youngsters, having a great time throwing water balloons. Never know what you'll see!

This lighthouse is desperately in need of volunteers.

Wow, Jim, did you see that!

Waiting for the crops.....

This lighthouse is so charming! Remember, people lived in all these lighthouses.

Mark Twain would love this scene.....

Then there is the interesting...whatever it is!
Houghtaling Island is a large island is located within the boundaries of New Baltimore, NY. As we cruised up the Hudson, we took a short turn and anchored in front of the local boat club, Hook Boat Club. We ventured to shore and were questioned and upon mentioning a northern yacht club, John became friendly. Apparently there are only 30 members of the club and you receive a piece of land along with your purchase. They have been members for over 30 years.
The Hook Boat Club has their own truck with a boom.

The dock at Hook Boat Club. Notice the empty spots. You will see all those boats below.

Here they are! These members know how to have a good time!

Jim found time to work on his favorite project.....teak.

Here we are nestled and ready to button up for the night.

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  1. "Then there is the interesting...whatever it is!" is an old lime kiln (south of Albany on the west bank).