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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Oswego, NY - on Lake Ontario

Today was a bit of a grueling day. We started later than we would have liked as we waited for a part for Grainan's stern thruster.  Stern thrusters give sideways propulsion.  Bow thrusters give sideways propulsion as well. Grainan has both and can almost move sideways into a slip.

Ess Kay Marina on a beautiful morning. Buddy and Boo just finished chasing the geese into the Canal.

Charming marina truck.

Jim holding the line as he watches Dave, from the old Grouch as he catches his lines.

We went through 8 Locks and cruised for 55 miles. The second to the last lock opened at 230PM, then not until 6PM, so we kept moving as to not miss the opening.

I can't find BooBoo! Does anyone know where he is?

Jim is catching up on family business while he drives.

How can so many places be so pretty?

We are now in Oswego, NY in a marina next to the laundry room and bathroom. A nice restaurant is next door. We planned on tying to a free dock, but it did not look comfortable, so we turned into Oswego Marina and now have all the services a boater could want.....except cable TV!  We don't even know what TV is any more! What a life!

There is a road over the Lock. We moved into the Lock up to the "road".

When it was time to leave, the Lockmaster raised the "road".

Another road in the middle of the Lock. Looks like trouble, but as we dropped, we could see we could easily cruise under the bridge.

Two kayakers in the spillway. Parts of the Erie and Oswego canals from days past still exist and sometimes connect to the Canal.

Waiting for the Lock to show us the green light. We knew they could not open until 230PM.  Boat looks a bit cluttered with the mast down, so that we can pass under bridges going through the locks. The height restriction on this portion of the Erie Canal is 17 feet. Our height with the mast up and wind indicator on top is 24 feet.

It isn't easy to WAIT!

Six boats in the locks. Many days we were the only boat.

We had to tie up closely to fit everyone into the Lock.

Dinner with friends. Best times of all! Brenda and Dave from The Old Grouch from Toronto and Kate and Greg from Grainan, living in New Jersey.

We cruised by the Maintenance Yard for the Canal. Where do all the old buoys go?

The collie was barking - WAG MORE AND BARK LESS!

Boys swimming in the Canal. They swam over to our boats and said hello!  The water was warm and they were having a great time!

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