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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Trent Severn Hastings, On - on the wall again...Oh yes, we were on the wall again!

The weather has been phenomenal in Ontario. To date, the sun has shined most days and the temperature has been moderate. As we continue northward, we can only hope for more of this fine weather.
As you can see, Buddy is having a great time on the Great Loop!

This site was so pretty! I could not pass by - I had to take a shot.

Aren't these boys a hoot. They were talking to me and telling me they were having a great time and are so lucky to have a summer on the Waterway.

The day started with quite a start. We were following Sea Flat, a 50 foot Ocean Alexander, Mark I designed by Ed Monk, who has designed most trawlers. Jim was rather intrigued with the 1980 boat. Next was Grianan and then thirdly, Crawdad. As we approached our second lock, Karen the Lockmaster was friendly and chatty. As the lock filled, she moved to the front to assist Sea Flat. As she pushed, she lost her footing and left the lock hanging onto the boat. It appeared the door was next to where she held on and she twisted and moved to get onto the boat. Quite an acrobat! She was not injured and that was our thrill for the day.
Karen, the remarkable gymnast and lockmaster.
A bit crowded in the lock!

My new pal Kate from Jenson Beach, FL and New Jersey.

Another double lock.

At the next lock, Jim was talking to the Lockmaster and admiring his hat. He said they were issued by the Canadian National Parks and he didn’t think they were available for sale, but he had two and gave Jim his hat! What nice people! His pet Pyrenees’/lab mix, Rudy was there representing the Country and looking for pets. (We complied!)

At each lock in the Trent Severn, cards and stamps are given for birds, plants, snakes and other wildlife. The idea is to collect them and learn about Ontario wildlife.

As we approached the third lock, we waited while a small Four Winns Power boat entered the lock. Three people were aboard and were told to raft off our boat. They had never been through a lock before and had their “Finnegan” with them. His name was Boon and he was 8 months old. He was rather upset with the procedure. One of the men’s wives was also unwilling to go through the lock and was watching from above.
Just in case you wanted to know, the dog's name is Boone. If you know me, you know I wouldn't miss an opportunity to meet a dog.  These guys were rafted off our boat. They had never been in a lock before and were really having a great time.

See, another dog. She's the one driving.

In my retirement I want to.......

As you would guess, everything went fine and they followed us into the double lock. Now we have 5 boats in the tiny lock. Tricky, but no problem! These lockmasters are pros!
Campers come in many different styles.

I am beginning to think loons are like dolphins. I see them and grab my camera, then they are gone...or miles away. I know you can't see it, but his is a loon.

The guys in the rafted small boat took our picture with my camera. The lockmaster is watching to make sure all is well....and yes Dan, this is the same green shirt I wear every day.

Jim and Greg had purchased National Park Stickers for a huge dollar amount, so now we are searching National Park walls to take advantage of our mooring pass.  Tomorrow we are scheduled to go to Peterborough Marina where the lock is comprised of two huge tubs of water.

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