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Monday, July 11, 2011

Trenton, ON. Bad news on internet connections......

After reviewing Verizon's Canadian options and talking to other Loopers, we realize we will not be able to post to the blog except where we can find wifi from a marina or other source. Therefore we won't be able to post to the blog very often when in Canada.

Tomorrow  we will remain in Trenton and will be able to post to blogspot, but on Wednesday, we start up the Trent Severn Waterway and we will be tying off to lock walls many days. We may have more opportunity to post from Marinas after the Trent Severn but anchoring will again be an option as the mast will be raised after the last lock in Severn, Ontario.

I will try to post as often as possible and my photos will be organized and ready to go whenever wifi is available.

Thanks for your interest.
Perhaps we are easily entertained on our travels, but we laughed when we saw this cruiser with his umbrella. Good idea!

Nothing more interesting than a boathouse 1/2 in the water.......

Looking for green buoys? Never know what to look for.

The Islands on the Bay of Quinte are beautiful. Many farms and forests.

So many buildings were constructed of the native sandstone. These buildings will have a life much longer than most we building in the US.

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  1. Way cool, got to meet Buddy and BooBoo today (Thursday 7-15)!!!!

    Standing in the park in Campbellford ON, when Crawdad and friends pulled in. I follow the blog but haven't checked in a while, so didn't know Crawdad was in Canada. How cool it is to meet the folks on a great trip. Cradad and friends, "Have fun in Canada and stay safe and dry".