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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Georgian Bay, Collins Inlet - what a wild wilderness!

Mill Lake on the Collins Inlet was a wonderful anchorage.  Grianan rafted to Crawdad, both on one anchor and we felt secure for the afternoon and night. Only two other boats were anchored in the area of Mill Lake.
Two boys having fun. Who wouldn't want to have their dog with them?

Jim always said it was great to have two sons.

As we rode by Simpson Island, we considered whether the island was named after our friend, Ron Simpson. Jim and I believe the island was named for Ron.

Love this moss! Cushy to the step!

OK, enough of those two happy boys!

One boat was a large Hatteras, but the other was a Pierson True North 37. Very interesting boat. The transom is reverse and opens to allow the dinghy to be pulled into the back, covered area of the boat. The owner visited us in his dinghy because he recognized our BYC flag – Bayview Yacht Club. He owned a boat that was moored next to Epic (Gloria races on Epic) at BYC. David and Marjorie were very nice and we chatted for some time.
There we are with the anchor down, holding Crawdad and Grianan.

BooBoo was watching Greg. After all, Greg saved Boo's life when he fished Boo out of the Trent Severn with the boat hook.

Didn't think it was possible, but I think Crawdad and Grianan are holding hands.

Too bad Beth and Diann weren't there. They love to take pictures of lovely sunsets. Mill Lake has truly lovely sunsets.

Dinner on the boat with Kate and Greg was a pleasure and we cruised the small islands within the lake with the boys, always noting a nice grassy spot that would be good for the boys to visit! Boo and Buddy love exploring and the smells on the islands, which are unlike the smells in their own yard.
Buddy found this spot to be especially attractive.

The four boats in the harbor that day (and night).

One of the not so great parts of anchoring. Mill Lake has some.....weeds, but not to worry - Jim has a washdown hose right next to the anchor and he loves using it!

The City of Collins Inlet was a city of 2000 during the lumber days. You can see now how many people are living in Collins Inlet.

This rock is called Crabby Indian. Do you see him? Maybe he wasn't quite as crabby when he saw us go by.

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