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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Presque Isle - simple beauty.

Eastern Michigan has little population and few cities. The Harbor at Presque Isle sits within a natural harbor that was the only natural harbor on the East side of Michigan used during the early days and later during the lumber days. Simple beauty is the only reasonable description.
The day was perfect and Presque Isle has a trail to the old lighthouse.

The "old" Presque Isle Lighthouse was built in 1840.

Boo Boo rang the bell. LOUD!!!!! bell!!!!!

The "new" lighthouse was built in 1870. The original lighthouse wasn't tall enough, so both lighthouses were operating until the 30's.

The Presque Isle Marina is nice, but empty. The DNR in Michigan has done a poor job managing the state marinas of late. Reserving has become impractical as any change creates a significant fee. Having traveled the US as we have over the last year, Michigan again comes in at the bottom at managing a tremendous resource. How is it Michigan continues to get it wrong? Having a central reservation center does not work for anyone. Is anyone home in Lansing?

The local store was full of goodies and the staff was friendly. They even invited the boys into the store.

Oh, there is the staff at the side window with two small cones.....hmmm, who would like to eat a small ice cream cone?

Found a taker! Boo has never had an ice cream cone before and he would like to have one again tomorrow.

One bite of the cone for Buddy & don't worry, Jim and I had our own cones!

Tomorrow we continue our quest home.

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  1. It sure was nice traveling with you have a happy and safe journey home.

    Jim and Dale