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Friday, August 5, 2011

Killarney - feels like we are almost home!

As we crossed into Killarney, we noted we were crossing our wake and had technically completed our Loop. We originally left Fenton on the 14th of June for our trip to Sturgeon Bay, WI and the Grand Banks Rendezvous. Over a year later, we were back in home waters.
At the dock at Killarney Mountain Lodge. The Gozzard next to us was perfect! The owners must have nothing else to do all winter, but polish brass and put on varnish!

The only church in town was built in 1950.

We decided to stay 2 nights at the Killarney Mountain Lodge. We love the atmosphere and the availability of amenities at the lodge (pool, internet) which are mighty nice. Dinner at the Mountain Lodge is always fabulous, as the restaurant offers a wonderful vegetarian entrée. Dessert offered was blueberry cake with cream cheese icing or hot fudge sundae. (Either works for me!)
The Carousel Lounge at Killarney Mountain Lodge. Where it all happens - (the only internet hot spot....I mean very lukewarm spot.

Two SeaBees where in the yard of the Lodge. The red plane was the winner at Oshkosh for Seaplanes.

The red plane had just won the Charles Lindbergh Award at Oshkosh. I was impressed!

Entertainment at the lodge was a blast and the Carousel Bar was crowded with everyone enjoying the local guitar playing singer.
The folk singer was quite entertaining. The kids were dancing and clapping to the music.

Don't you love this boat house?

Rain poured upon us during the night and the wind came up in a fury. We were extremely happy we had reserved for two nights as a howling wind does not make for good anchoring. We took advantage of other opportunities – like Buddy bathing, washing our clothing and trying….trying…trying…. to update the blog. Internet is spotty and I am still unable to load photographs.
Sportsman's Inn had a major facelift.

Two beavers swam in the marina near our boat. One big mama and an adolescent.

I have never seen so many sea planes in my entire life. Killarney is the place to land and take off....I guess!

Tim Prophit and Todd Jones were on Fast Tango at the gas dock as we walked by the Sportsman’s Inn, sailing Fast Tango with their daughters. Nice surprise to see someone from home. Tim described his ordeal in the Chicago Mackinac and how Fast Tango survived the extreme blast on Lake Michigan that left two sailors dead. Fast Tango clocked 104 Knots in wind speed while lying knocked over on their side – for 18 minutes. Tim had a premonition about a storm and had all crew back in the transom when the storm hit. He saw white, not water as they screamed along on their side. Fortunately for them, the crew was fine and though they volunteered assistance to the capsized boat, others had rescued the 6 surviving crew members and Fast Tango continued on to win their class and 2nd overall. Quite an incredible finish!
One of the homes in town Killarney.

No visit to Killarney would be complete without a visit to Herbert Fisheries.

The kitchen has extensive kitchen equipment - 3 fryers.

In the building next door the crew was filleting the whitefish. One of the workers held up a carcas (filet) and asked if we wanted "this one?"  We, of course, said that's the one! They vacuum packed it for us and it rests in the freezer, waiting for the right time and place. Probably some remote anchorage somewhere!

What a great spot to read a book.

The Gozzard sailboat next to us on the dock, Minnehaha, is an incredible boat owned by a former chemist and microbiologist. At 50 feet, with perfect maintenance, it is quite a sight. The owners have especially enjoyed the boys and the boys have loved them as dog cookies are always available on Minnehaha.
Killarney Channel.

Killarney Lighthouse entrance from the East.

Seamore, Jeremiah, Bade Boomer and Dream Catcher are in harbor as well. Always enjoy seeing our fellow Loopers.

Tomorrow off to Baie Finn!

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