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Friday, August 5, 2011

Georgian Bay, Baie Fine - doesn't get finer than Bay Finn.

Killarney is a charming town and Killarney Mountain Lodge was a pleasure. We left about 8AM for the short ride to Baie Fine (Bay Finn).
The white granite lines Baie Fine on each side. Rocks abound in the Bay and Crawdad and Grainan had to wind around the rocks. On the way out we could use the track recorded the day earlier as we entered and cruised the Bay.

Baie Fine is a long bay that takes a 90 degree turn and becomes a long narrow bay. Much of the best anchoring is along the narrow portion of the Bay. Most people do a “Mediterranean Tie”, which means tying with an extremely long line to a tree or rock on shore. Tying to a tree can be a tricky procedure.  First the boat is anchored with the stern toward the rocky, granite shoreline. Then the dinghy is deployed to assist in the “procedure”. We have two lines, each 150 feet of line that can be used to tie the boat to land.


Buddy shows Dad how he finds the right "spot". Complicated process to say the least.

After we were successfully tied, Jim and I picked up Greg and Kate on Grianan for a ride to the Pool. At the end of Baie Fine is The Pool. In 2009, we anchored in nirvana, the pool. We had some difficulty anchoring, but what we did not know is that the floor of the pool is covered with long, thick and dirty weeds. Friends had also told us of having weeds sucked up into their water intake, which can stop all sorts of things.  Not good! When Jim raised the anchor, he was covered with dirt and weeds.

The visit to the Pool found only a few boats which was surprising. Usually the harbor is littered with boats. We landed on the shore where the trail starts up to Lake Topaz. Incredibly teal colored water that is colored by the copper sulfate in the rock. Can’t confirm that, but the water color is truly uniquely teal in color. Jim and Greg swam in the lake, while Kate and I enjoyed the view of the white granite cliffs.
The climb to Lake Topaz begins. The canoe in the center of the photograph was portaged UP the trail to the lake by a very strong young man.

The trail was a stream bed for much of the trail lined with large rocks. Not ease going for these old folks.

But Kate has not lost her sense of humor!

Lake Topaz - such a beautiful sight. Sorry about the man's head in the corner.

A budding Johnny Weismuller a/k/a Tarzan.

Baie Fine from the top of the granite. Pretty impressive isn't it? Not the view, that we could climb to the top and still take a picture!

After such a tough adventure, Mom played BALL with the boys. Here is how it goes.....Buddy holds the ball in his mouth and drops it into the water after much coaching from Mom. Boo wishes he was a big dog. Mom throws the ball back into the boat and Buddy runs over the top of Boo to get the ball. It starts all over again......seems like Buddy should be in the water and Mom on the boat.......

Coconuts, a Krogen 49 Express. Such a beautiful boat!

Coconuts invited us along with Grianan and Tourist for 5PM cocktails and we toured their 1996 Krogen Express 48. Beautiful boat and great hosts!
Insomniacs take good morning pictures. This is Grianan in the early morning sunrise.

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  1. Some beautiful photos, especially the bottom one!