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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Meldrum Bay - charming with a good restaurant.

As we left Gore Bay traveling to Meldrum Bay, we had one more view of the lighthouse. We were wishing we had ridden our bikes out to the lighthouse even in the strong winds.

The scenery is so beautiful. Even with our 5 weeks here in Canada, we have not grown tired of the water, trees, rocks and islands.

We have fond memories of Meldrum Bay, as it was one of the first places we visited on our earliest excursion with Crawdad two years ago.
New office with old sign. We like the sign on the old building better.

Here is what is left of the old building with a fishing boat and....monstrous yacht.

Since our last visit, a breakwater has been constructed and the charming bucolic building is the process of being demolished. A new building with none of the character was built to house the office and restrooms.  Such is progress.
Jim and Buddy getting some exercise. Buddy loves the bike rides. He continues to learn how to "heel". He is almost 5. We are wondering if there is any chance he may learn by the time he is 6.

BooBoo's view from the bike. He is riding in his baby carrier attached to the photographer.

The wild flowers are colorful and plentiful.

Meldrum Bay is still charming with the Meldrum Bay Inn at the top of the hill in a turn of the Century home. Whitefish is the specialty and we again enjoyed our meal with Greg and Kate. Won’t be long and we will be saying goodbye as we head down the coast of Lake Huron.

Meldrum Inn.

Kate loved the visits from the little frogs. After she smiled and took his picture, we quickly "shooed" him away. These guys are like Spiderman. Can't believe their long legs with feet that will stick anywhere.

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