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Friday, August 19, 2011

Bay City, MI. We are finally "home"!

Today was an incredible day to travel on the Great Lakes. The winds were calm and we smiled thinking of the times in the past we struggled in the looming waves. What a difference a day makes!
The only waves today were caused by our wake. I always check behind us on this leg as we have suffered freighters barreling down on us. Surprise!

Gravely Shoal Light - great name!

The trip down Saginaw Bay to Bay City is long and fortunately today, boring.

Mixed feelings for us all as we cruised into our home dock. Our friendly neighbors are out of town and the Marina looked a bit quiet. (Well, it was Friday at 1PM!).
Buddy is thrilled to be so close to home.

BooBoo not so much.

Our son and pregnant daughter-in-law arrived as we pulled in to help us tie up to the dock. Erica is pregnant and so cute! She and Joe told us the good news when we were last home, but now she looks pregnant. Joy! Joe looked cute too, of course! 

I was so excited to see Joe and Erica, I forgot to take a picture. Here is a picture from their wedding in Petoskey, MI, two years ago.

Since I was in the wedding file, I copied this for your pleasure. What a handsome couple! I don't know why it is showing up here so small. You'd think I would have figured that stuff out by now.

Our buddies Jan and Jeri are hiking in the Grand Tetons and Gail and Gordie are not "home" at the boat either! Hey you guys!
See our empty slip? See the huge waves from the 20 knot wind? No? It was a picture perfect day for docking.

We decided to stay the night on the boat (do we seem to be dragging our feet?) and cook on the boat as well. Just like any other marina, right? OK, we went out to our favorite restaurant in Bay City - Harveys. As usual, we had a great time. No picture as, again, I forgot. Guess I am getting into the swing of real life. Don't need a camera around my neck for that.

Tonight Jim and I will tally our information and pass on our final thoughts tomorrow in our last blog.

We really appreciate your time as you have followed our blog. Your comments are appreciated and we look forward to seeing you!

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