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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Little Current where there can be lots of current & good friends meet!

The cruise from Bay Finn to Little Current is one of the most beautiful cruises so far on our entire trip. The scenery of pure white granite and deep green evergreens along with the deep blue water is amazing! Strawberry Lighthouse is another of the white lighthouses with red trim. Snug Harbor and Port au Baril have what appear to be identical lighthouses.
I hate to see this...birds standing on a....rock in the middle of the channel.

There he is - the Loon just before he dove into the water and disappeared again.

Strawberry Island Lighthouse

Timing is everything when approaching Little Current. The one lane swing bridge crosses the narrow channel just before reaching Little Current. Since the channel is narrow, the wind has a significant effect on the current under the bridge. Sometimes the current is as strong as 4 knots complicated by the fact that the Little Current Bridge opens only on the hour, for about 10 minutes. We timed our cruise to arrive 15 minutes early as to not miss the opening.
Little Current we all wait for the bridge opening.  There is always some jerk who tries to poke his way to the front of the crowd. "Hey buddy, don't you know there is current here!"

Little Current Bridge is a swing bridge. The bridge literally swings around to allow passage.

Anchor Inn is the only game in town. Guess we will have dinner at the Anchor Inn.

Jim is working on expenses. Diesel fuel was $5.50 a gallon at Little Current. The price was cheaper than the last stop. Glad Crawdad only sips fuel!
Many of our fellow Loopers are here, so we are enjoying the camaraderie of the group. Anchor Inn was the host for a Looper get together the first night and we met a couple on their second Loop. They own a Grand Banks 42 as well. We toured their boat, Sonata and now have more ideas on keeping ourselves entertained during the winter. Perhaps a few more cupboards and new counter top?
Jim is reviewing a magazine while we shop in Turners with his eyes closed. Jim is an amazing guy.

Wally is famous in Little Current. He is waiting for his next customer to buy fuel. He appears to have been sitting too long.

Have you seen the new Chris Crafts? Mighty fine!

Fireworks were grand for the Countryfest. We missed the concert....darn! Gave us time to update the blog! Feels pretty good to be caught up for a change.

Weather was threatening, so we decided to stay another day. Lots of tasks calling, such as updating the Chartplotters, wash & expenses.....even reading a book during the day for a change! We must be near home!

Our friends Muddy Waters cruised in after viewing Baie Fine. Daria is 12 and Keegan is 15 in Sept. Such cute kids! They invited us for coffee with Rock Chalk and we had a great time. BooBoo loves Daria and they were cuddling together. Love it!

What do the boys do on a rainy day? Not much!
Shelly from Rock Chalk with Daria (and BooBoo) and Michael from Muddy Waters.
Boo is having coffee with Daria and her Mom, Jennifer from Muddy Waters. Daria is such a sweet girl and Boo loves her!

Jim is helping to do the wash. Maybe he should have left his book behind!

Finally we are off early tomorrow morning to Benjamins or possibly Crocker Island. We will see how the wind blows! Good weather prediction, thank goodness!

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