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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Benjamin Islands - amazing Canadian Shield rock formations

This video is of Molly, from Jeremiah from the Looper Train. She is hilarious. Buddy cannot believe she is not interested in playing ball, but she plays by herself in the water, splashing and sniffing. She splashed and sniffed for an hour. Good exercise!

Since Seamoore, et al were in Little Current with us, we decided to leave at 730AM to beat the crowd and find a better anchorage at the Benjamin Islands. We were ready by 715AM (amazing!) so we left earlier than expected.

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The weather was perfect and we enjoyed the ride. Entering the Benjamins is tricky. One must scour the charts and chartplotter and not stray from the deepest route. We found a pleasant anchorage and anchored bow/stern. Crawdad anchored first and Grainan dropped their anchor and slid back to Crawdad’s side and we tied together. Another pleasant dinner with Kate and Greg and a trip to land for the boys.
BooBoo loves cruising in the dinghy, but he is concerned about the lack of grass.

We stopped at a beach so the boys could play. Buddy immediately found a stick and wanted to play fetch. Jim is wearing his very fashionable Trent Severn hat given to him by the lockmaster.

Is there anything more fun than this? Yes, where is my ball?

Soon after we arrived the “Looper Train” as they call themselves, arrived without Bade Boomer. We heard on the radio as they announced hitting a rock and checking for water. Chris and Bruce immediately turned around and headed to Gore Bay, hoping to find a travel lift.  A call to Gore Bay Marina revealed there is a private party who owns the travel lift and yes, they should be able to accommodate Bade Boomer. We have our fingers crossed that the damage wasn’t serious. Boomer carries an extra set of propellers, so a replacement would be easier than most boats. (Crawdad for example, does not have an extra set of props.)

Some of the formations are so interesting.

Crawdad is anchored bow to stern with Grianan. We were two of the first boats into the anchorage. We were in the anchorage between the North and South Island.

We had a Looper get together on the rock. Such a great bunch! We especially enjoy the Looper Train.

Parking lot. Notice our "cars" are licensed from different states.

Such a gorgeous spot.

In late afternoon, there were many more boats in the anchorage. The "Looper Train" is in the front of the picture.

We have enjoyed so many beautiful sunsets!

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