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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Harrisville - familiar territory.

Harrisville Marina of Refuge is surrounded by a man made breakwater. As with most Michigan Marinas, the docks are well constructed and maintained. The young people (mostly college students) who work at our state marinas are friendly and we were glad to purchase diesel (well kind of glad) and tie to the dock.
Boo, Bud and I walk early most mornings.This morning the view from the lighthouse was incredible.  Ordinarily I would have added pictures to the Presque Isle blog, but it is time to fix dinner.

For the serious sailors, I couldn't help but note what this "device". There are pins along the bottom that keep the "device" from going around in both directions. Reminds me of cleaning the winches on Epic.....    Must have been removed from a big boat.

The spiders were busy all night, because we walked this path last night and the webs were collecting on my face this morning. The boys don't seem to mind.

We chose to cruise in the salon and not from the bridge as thunderstorms were forecasted. Bud was scared to death and Jim was reading through his eyelids again. Guess it wasn't too rough!

Sirius/XM weather adds a lot of information. The light green color on the chart plotter means light rain, the darker rain means heavier rain and as the color moves from yellow to orange, the more severe the storm. Fortunately, the storm passed north of us and we made it to Harrisville with little rain.

Also available from Sirius/XM is the wind direction and wind speed as well as the wave direction and wave height. Some days this information is more helpful than others.

Buddy loves the outdoors, but he loves us too. What a good boy!

Tomorrow morning we are off to East Tawas. A familiar destination for Crawdad. Since our permanent slip is in Bay City, the first stop out of Saginaw Bay is always E. Tawas and the last stop home is East Tawas as well.
Sunrise was so beautiful, I had to go back and post these pictures.

A catamaran from Ontario was off to Presque Isle.

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  1. Hi this is the catamaran from Ontario LeDash. We just ran accross your picture of our boat leaving Harrisville. This is a great shot and we were wondering if you could send us the original? Great site and thank you.