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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Drummond Island - back in the USA!

We had visited Drummond Island on our first trip to the North Channel and had a rather unpleasant experience as we had difficulty getting into the marina. The islands and shoals are everywhere and the buoys change color and direction at will!
Drummond Harbor Marina

The good news was we were following Grianan and as we approached the Harbor, three other boats entered the channel ahead of us, which gave us an opportunity to follow them into the Harbor. As we approached the Harbor we noticed Seemore, Dream Catcher and Jeremiah on the horizon. Soon they were in the Harbor. Glory Days, Dockers Inn and Shenanigans came in as the afternoon progressed.
We visited Coconuts in the garage as she damaged a propeller on the rocks. The propeller is now in Virginia for repairs. Jim found other entertainment in the garage.

We felt badly for Renee on Shenanigans as he decided he is turning back toward Ontario. Renee’s wife Shannon passed away in late April and he left on the Loop in May. Shannon wanted him to continue their dream. He mastered the boat alone, going through locks and docking in harbors. He told us tonight he realizes now he has things to do at home he must complete.
Bruce, here is your house. As you suggested, a trim is in order. Otherwise the house looks great. We rode our bikes about 10 miles up hills to visit your house.

Don't you love local museums?

Seemoore, Jeremiah, Dream Catcher, Sweet Pea and Crawdad at dinner at the Northwood.

Discussions as Jim and Dale wait for their ice cream.

Not many boat houses in the North Channel.

Mackinac Island has no room at the transient dock, but the Harbormaster promised to investigate the seasonal slips to see if we might stay in the vacant slips. Hope so as the Island is truly my favorite destination. I felt badly missing the Port Huron Mackinac Race with my friends after over 20 years, but the Loop has truly been an adventure of its own.

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