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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Regatta Bay, Franklin Island

This blog is not going well. Pictures and captions disappear. It can't be me can it? I replace the pictures and again they disappear.  GRRRRRR!
Peaceful, protected, gorgeous. Two days at Regatta Bay was not enough time to enjoy grandeur of the rocks, evergreens and sunsets.
Most of the rock is smooth, but on other islands, the rock has huge ridges, sometimes in more than one direction.
Booboo loves playing ball with Buddy, but he isn't sure about the "water" part. Getting wet is for Labradors.

Thank goodness, a rock!
Off for an excursion to Snug Harbor. Too shallow for the boat, but we were told by a friend from Orangeville, ON that the restaurant was worth the travel.

The base of the restaurant is a cabin. Upstairs the restaurant is gorgeous. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture.
Do you think we could take advantage of the grants that flash on our computer and ask how old we are? It's never too late to go back to college. We could become geologists! Crawdad Rock Specialists.....
Most islands are made of smooth huge rocks. Other islands have huge ruts, sometimes running in more than one direction.

The boys say "HI"!

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