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Friday, August 17, 2012

Covered Portage Cove - the Ultimate in beauty!

A few miles from Killarney, there are a plethora of anchorages, but Covered Portage Cove is one of the most beautiful sights we have seen in our travels on Georgian Bay and Little Current. The stone wall reflects in the pool and depending on the angle of viewing, looks like an Indian Head.

Buddy is thinking this could be a fun trip. BooBoo is back at the boat, napping. If he only knew! haha, says Buddy.

Maybe this wasn't such a great idea....

One of the ladies HAD a walking stick. I love hiking!

We have met a few Looper boats this summer and run into them at various anchorages and ports. As we cruised the anchorage, we saw two boats we have seen in the past. Carried Away is from Williamsburg, VA and Borea is from none other than Bay City.  Like us, they are nearing their home and are ....dragging their feet.....taking their time to arrive at home. The couples mentioned they were going hiking, so we tagged along!
Did anyone look to see where we started our hike? Fred hiked back to the origin of the trail and generously offered to pick up ALL the boats. Good job Fred! Hope we see you back in Bay City!

On the other hand, who needs to hike. I found a book in the laundry room and I'm going to read it!

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