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Friday, August 17, 2012

Kagawong, Bridal Falls, what fun!

Charlie Crawford from Bama Belle was a great companion boat on our Loop. We met in Marco Island and cruised together to the Keys. Bama Belle was with us for a month at Marathon Marina and Boat Yard. Good times! Charlie cruised to the Bahamas and then up the coast. Timing wasn't just right and he wanted sufficient time to enjoy Georgian Bay and the North Channel. Bama Belle was up on the hard at Brewerton NY for the winter. Fortunately, we were able to catch up with each other.

Charlie has cruised with friends and relatives. During the time we met, he was cruising with a Collingwood resident, Lori. We have thoroughly enjoyed her company as well as good old Charlie. Charlie owned a bait shop in Mobile and is a fabulous fisherman. Lori had double knee replacement 8 weeks ago and is crewing with Charlie! What a spirit!
Check out the pulpit.....bow of a boat look familiar?

Two wild and crazy guys in the falls!

Amazing what a bunch of old people will do for fun!

BooBoo is beside himself! Why would anyone want to leave their dogs at home?


  1. That was truly a fun time cruising with you all again.
    The shared dinners, dingy rides, drinks & conversation, anchoring and rafting with breath taking views and the sunsets. Lets go for a "boot" ride again!
    All the best,
    Charlie Crawford

  2. Jim, Gloria & BoBo,
    Sure enjoyed reading your blog. Nice to relive those cruising memories with special friends. The good times that I will remember forever and the tales to share with my grandson.
    Let me see if I can bring it all back.....Oh! the shared potluck dinners, drinks at sunset, exploring on the dingy, Anchoring & rafting with Crawdad, The breath taking scenery, magnificent weather, the fishing trips, the boot didn't catch dinner, eh, and what a sad day when we had to say good bye and go in different directions.
    We fell in love with the Lake Michigan towns and inlets. The lake is awesome and I hope to return one day. I think Lake Michigan should host the "America's Cup".
    Your friend,
    Charlie Crawford