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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hopewell Bay, Safe Hideaway

We cruised into Hopewell Bay with two boats anchored. Narrow, which is never a favorite. Anchoring is an art and science with a ton of luck in between. We carefully anchored in the middle of the narrow space, noting the rocks behind us. Soon one of the boats left and we looked at each other - we liked that spot better. Moving!

Except the "more secure" spot was too shallow. We screamed some "kind" words at each other and moved back to our original anchorage. Pretty place, might as well enjoy it!
Always vigilant, Jim dates everything and reviews all points of the engine room before every cruise.

The boys are vigilant too. They love the dinghy rides and adventures to islands at each stop. We haven't seen any rattle snakes yet, but we did see a small, striped water snake. All four of us jumped back away from him!

Buddy and Jim are always looking for something new. They found this tree on a rock. So much of the landscape has changed with the low water.

Our house and our car.

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