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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bustard Islands, Whoa Baby!

Last year we anchored in the Bustard Islands and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We planned to cruise up the Gun Barrel into the harbor, but decided to travel a bit farther south (east) on the small boat channel and enter between two islands. Worked great.

When we entered the harbor, there were only two boats! Last year there were many more. Both were anchored and secured "med mooring style" to the wall. Mediterranean mooring means tying to the rocks on shore. In this case, both were secured by their sterns.

We found a great spot, anchored and tied to the trees on the stone wall. What fun!
Classic Bustard Islands.

Note the choices into the bay. Any of the entries requires great attention to detail.

Jim is headed to shore to tie our first line to a tree.

A curious mink critiques Jim's style.

The Kings, Sydney, Phillip, Corey and Dave became great friends through our adventure. BooBoo is exhibiting his extraordinary ball skills. Buddy doesn't think they are so hot.

Buddy gives a demonstration of the Olympic style of ball playing.

Love that moss! Such incredible natural color.

Sydney is showing BooBoo how he could jump into the water and retrieve the ball. BooBoo is explaining that he is not a Retriever, but a Pomeranian.

The wind piped up and now Jim is tying the second line to shore. We now have two stern lines tied to trees and an anchor securing the boat.

Much advice being given by the experts from the stern.

As the wind clocked and increased, the Kings decided to leave. Half an hour later they were back, looking for safety. By then we were feeling the push toward the rocks and were attempting to move to a safer spot.

We decided the best course of action was to assist each other in our attempt at safety. Exhale was anchored in the middle of the bay and Dave and Jim each had a dinghy to tie lines. Dave anchored, Exhale, and brought one line to shore, which he tied to a tree. Meanwhile, Jim acted as a tow boat and kept power on the hull to hold us off the rocks. I brought up the anchor, released and threw the two stern lines and gunned it to safety. Jim and Dave then set second lines and we maneuvered to raft to Exhale. What an adventure! What a great time (afterward) we had with the Kings.

Corey, Grandma Irene, Sydney, Phillip and Dave King.
A special bond was formed between BooBoo and Sydney.

Dave, took our picture, sans the boys.

Couldn't leave this page without a shot of Dave climbing the trees. He wisely tied the lines high up on the tree to minimize chafing on the lines. Bad news was he was barefoot! Yeow!

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