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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Collins Inlet, Keyhole Island

The water level is a foot below last year and we felt we pushed through the mud through the East entrance to the Collins Inlet last year, so we decided to enter from the west. Quite a bit of additional mileage, but who needs to run aground. (We ran aground and managed to escape in Harrisville).

The wind was really blowing and again, safe harbor was an issue. After anchoring in Mill Lake, we brought up the anchor and moved to the area around Keyhole Island. Everyone else had the same idea. We managed to find a safe anchorage and stayed for two days.

Finding an easy landing spot for the boys is always a consideration. The rocks, when wet, are extremely slippery and we found an island where Buddy could run free and burn off some energy.
The rock was so different in this area. The boys found plenty of interesting smells to sniff.

Notice the water line on the rocks. Significant in the last few years.

What happened to this poor tree?

The granite here is extremely colorful.

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