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Friday, August 17, 2012

Killarney, lovely every time!

Charming and remote Killarney lies between two small islands. Water flows from east to west or visa versa, depending on the wind direction. In between are two major marinas, Sportsman's Cove and Killarney Mountain Lodge along with various other family marinas.

This is the local grocery store. Not exactly a Meijer.

The Upjohns were in town. The Mallard hails from Gull Lake.
The city itself is small with a grocery store, few restaurants and the local Catholic Church. Provisioning is OK, with great protection from the wind...except for the floating docks that rock and roll in the wind.

Another Upjohn beauty. The entire family was staying at Killarney Mountain Lodge and ate as a family at a large table every night. Grandma was there as well, having a great time on a Boston Whaler traveling to Baie Fine.

Our dear friends Phillip and Sydney. Sydney took a real liking to BooBoo and visa versa. Sydney carried Boo in his baby carrier. Lucky BooBoo!

Phillip caught a fish and did not know what to do with it! The fish came off the hook on his own and Phillip threw him back into the water. What a thrill!

Buddy went for a great run and enjoyed hiking to the lighthouse.

Our neighbor on Gringo kayaked with her dog, Mishka. Mishka and Buddy became great pals playing ball in the water.
Seems that every visit to Killarney extends beyond our original plan. The wind whips up and we are "stuck" along with other boats for a few days. The good news is, this is an opportunity to make more good friends.

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