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Monday, June 27, 2011

Stratford has been fabulous, but on we go!

Joe is enjoying ripping off the old wallpaper. The flowered wallpaper was quite pretty, so I'm not sure why there is such glee in his face.
I cannot get this stupid site to work tonight. I have spent the last 2 hours trying to upload these pictures. Now it won't let me add captions. Maybe tomorrow night. Sorry!
Someone has to paint the risers!

Home Sweet Home!

We have been in Stratford, CT since the 9th of June. We have been enjoying the time with Adrienne and Joe, helping them in their move to their new home.
Tom, our carpenter, is a fiberglass guy too!  He has done an amazing job!

Tom, Scott, the Marina owner and Jim confer.

The wall is now removed, the floor repaired and the expert painter is at work. Now, how do I get this paint off my face!
Little Lasse's, a Milford breakfast spot.

Snuggles is cuddling with Grandma.

FJ helped remove the wall and bookcase. Demolition duty!

Tom is building a 53 foot trawler. He has thought of everything and it was too hard to take pictures inside and close up. He has been working on his boat for 6 years. Tom expects to complete it next spring and take off cruising with his wife, Cassie.
Not only was Tom personally a pleasure, he taught Jim a bunch about teak, fiberglass and just boat stuff in general!

Check out the new rail! How did Tom do that!  He worked weekends and long hours to finish the rail for us, so we could keep on our Loop schedule.

Crawdad has been under repair and as repairs go...time has passed and the promised 10 days has turned into 18 days. Could not be a better place as we have thoroughly enjoyed our time with Adrienne and Joe. What a pleasure to watch them as they move into their new home. But we must move on, if we are to arrive home before the snow falls!

TomTeachman has been a total pleasure with his incredible skills. The rail is now repaired. The stanchions are installed and the stainless rail has been temporarily repaired. We are left with a project for the winter "on the hard". We will find a stainless craftsman who can weld stainless when we return to Michigan.  Fortunately, the mechanics are ready to "rumble"!

Boardwalk Marina has offered us more than any marina to date. We are located at the end of a shopping plaza with a fine grocery store, BJ's (like Costco), West Marine and a host of other stores and restaurants. Thought Adrienne and Joe have been willing to drive us and loan us their cars, we have never been closer to stores that meet our needs. Again the current is brisk as the tide runs almost 7 feet, but we have enjoyed the visit in so many ways.

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