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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Great Kills Yacht Club, New York Harbor.....

Since we are members of Bayview Yacht Club, we are able, at times to visit other yacht clubs for a reduced price. Sometimes the price is still high, but the accommodations are convenient. Great Kills, NY is such a stop. The Harbor Host (former or future Looper) was John and when we called for reservations, the Dock master immediately called John and he arranged our dockage.

New York Harbor...calm waters.

Great Kills Harbor. There are a number of marinas in the protected harbor.

John, the Harbor Host came down to say hello. Nice fellow who previously owned two Grand Banks.
The cruise through New York Harbor was interesting. We saw a number of barges with tows, freighters and a few pleasure craft. The weather was pleasant, so we cruised easily to Great Kills with our newly redesigned Grand Banks. Tying the fenders on was a bit of a challenge and the aft port fender attached nicely directly to the cleat. No rail in the way to impede my progress! We did receive a few stares, as we obviously have "an issue"!

Wayne and Ruth joined us for our last dinner together. We had traveled together for about two months. Every day and dinner every night. We will miss them as they cruise up to Ontario to their home. Ruth is most anxious to see her grandchildren. Their future cruising will be in the area of their home....the St. Lawrence River, Ottawa River and surrounding canals.
Our last dinner with Wayne and Ruth at Cole's. Restaurant. Great dinner. Great time!

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