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Friday, June 3, 2011

Delaware City, DE....C & D Canal

The Chesapeake and Delaware Canal was built in 1829. The Canal connects the Chesapeake Bay to the Delaware Bay. The Canal is 14 miles long.

The C & D Canal bridges are charming. Some are highways, but most are for train traffic.

Tim is the owner of Delaware City Marina. He drove us to buy groceries.

When we arrived at Delaware City Marina, the wind was still blowing.  Ruth and Charlie, from the Marina, tied us to the dock. We had to fit in a spot not much longer than Crawdad.

The dock was fully lined with boats, many of them Loopers on the way to Cape May, NJ.

This is one of the original locks from the early 1800's. There were a number of locks in the original Canal.
We left Georgetown, MD, located up the Sassafras River to travel up to the C & D Canal. The weather forecast was for 10-20 mile an hour winds with gusts up to 25mph. Not our favorite day, but we felt most of our travel would be protected by the Sassafras River and the C & D Canal. As we traveled down the Sassafras River the wind blew 15-25. High Spirits prefers flat water and they probably would have preferred to stay in Georgetown.

I poked my head into the Blacksmith's shop. Lots of tools......
Delaware City is located at the end of the Canal. The 5 mile trip up to Delaware City as the exit to the Canal was wild! The spray reached the fly bridge and we were hanging on, but we made it and once we entered the Delaware City Canal, the ride was smooth.

This is High Spirit as she left the C & D Canal. The picture does not do justice to the weather at that moment.
We enjoyed our time with High Spirit and enjoyed seeing our friends, Merried with Her, as well. We saw Merried with her on our Chart plotter as they have an AIS transponder and we have an AIS receiver. Though they had planned on staying in Chesapeake City, they changed their plans and joined us in Delaware City.
Fort DuPont is located across the Canal. Ghostly campus with most of the windows boarded up. The Delaware National Guard uses the property, but the majority of the property is vacant.

Jim and Kathy from Merried with Her. They have a home in Kentucky on the Ohio River. They are thinking they will probably arrive at the Ohio River and keep going back down to Florida. Many Loopers sell their homes and just keep on cruising.
Ruth and I were driven to the grocery store by the owner of the Marina. Tim and his staff worked very hard to make our stay pleasant.
We are meeting new Loopers and enjoying being the seasoned Loopers! Soon we will have our our Gold Looper Flag. The reward for completion of the Loop!

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