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Saturday, June 11, 2011

New York Harbor past the Statue of Liberty to Milford, CT

The cruise from Great Hills Harbor through New York Harbor was INCREDIBLE! The water was flat,though our view was a bit hazy, but we could see the Statue of Liberty through the haze. How beautiful she is! I could not take enough pictures and with Manhattan in the background, Jim and I were elated! 

New York Harbor...watching out for the shoals in the morning haze.

There she is...the Statue of Liberty. Isn't she gorgeous!

The skyline of the City will never look the same without the Twin Towers.

Our travels have been a real history lesson. We now have a much better understanding of our Country's early relationship with France during the Revolutionary War and War of 1812. Without France, the USA possibly would not exist as it does today.

The bridges are magnificent!

As the haze lifts, we marveled at the beauty of the City from the East River.

Such engineering!

The Chrysler Tower in the morning light.

Rikers Island. New York's Prison can house 14,000 inmates.

One can never see too many lighthouses!
The trip to CT would take us up the East River, past Manhattan and through Hell's Gate into Long Island Sound. A long day at 80 miles, but seeing our beloved Adrienne and Joe was a reward that made the trip a joy.

Our daughter, Adrienne, and her able-bodied husband, Joe have lived in Milford, CT for over three years. Their home was a flat in a home built in the 20's as a retreat for nuns. The location was incredible - directly on Long Island Sound. What a great experience it has been for them, kayaking, digging for mussels and generally learning about the sea. With tides at more than 6 feet, there is a lot to see on a daily basis.
Adrienne and Joe's flat was on the first floor.

The beach is beautiful and deserted.
The infamous pod. Did you know this pod can hold all of the belongings of a 3 bedroom home? Liars!

Adrienne and Joe's next door neighbor is a retired veterinarian who raises golden retriever puppies. Who looks sweeter....Adrienne or the puppy?  The answer is...they both do!

Moving used to be so easy. What happened!

Sometimes Joe thinks he is Captain Crunch. No one has the heart to tell him....he is not.

This home was across the street, owned by Dick and Michelle. They kindly invited us over for pizza the day of the move. Lifesavers!  Michelle's great grandfather built this home. The home has always been in the hands of her family. Michelle grew up in this home.

How do you rate the move?

Barry and Barbara's home was built in the last year. The garage extends under the house, but is only 4 feet high where Adrienne and Joe's belongings are stored. No wonder Jim was lying on the floor!

Captain Crunch is an avid fisherman. Cold and rainy...perfect for fishing!

We were really lucky to arrive the day before they had agreed to vacate their home. Adrienne had been packing for weeks. They had agreed to move to temporary housing for a few weeks to allow the new owners of the house to move in and the new owners had supplied a pod Adrienne and Joe could use to pack their belongings.

How much can two people accumulate in 3 years?  A lot! The pod was not large enough, but the original Landlord, who had become a good friend to Joe and Adrienne, offered his garage as backup. Little did anyone know how much they would need the space.

Jim and I helped pack the pod and move the balance of their belongings to Barry and Barb's home, just down the street. They graciously offered and proved their friendship! In about two weeks, the belongings will be moved to Adrienne and Joe's new home in Stratford, CT, just a few miles away from their first "nest". They are so excited and so are we!

How lucky we were to arrive just in time to help with the move!

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