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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Manasquan, NJ.....if the dockmaster asks if you have twin screws when you call.....

What a beautiful day cruising  "on the outside" from Atlantic City to Manasquan Inlet! The forecast had been for increasing winds in the afternoon, so we rose early and had a great ride!  The Jersey shoreline is lined with sandy beaches and homes. We saw a whale and some dolphins along the way.

Jim playing Sudoku with his eyes closed while Buddy proves his head alone is bigger than BooBoo as we cruise to Manasquan.

The shore changed very little as we cruised from Atlantic City to Manasquan.
A few days ago I called Hoffman's Marina per the suggestion of Richard, the Cape May Harbor Host. When I called the harbormaster asked if we had twin screws. No one had ever asked me that before. I wondered.....well, big time current is the reason. The current was so strong when we arrived, the owner of the marina insisted on backing Crawdad into the slip. Still took a very long time as he pulled forward and backed again and again.

Jim and I rode our bikes through the town of Manasquan. Beautiful homes and landscaping except for beach homes, which have little grass or trees.

The marina building was built two years ago. Larry, the present owner is owner #3. They say in real estate, #3 is a charm!

Dinner of fresh sea bass on the grill, caprese salad, redskins on the grill and cheesecake. Can't do much better than this!

Larry, the present owner, has a big sport fisherman and he was describing the big sea bass they caught. As true fisherman, they only keep what they can eat - or give to hungry transients passing through! Thank goodness! Thanks Larry!

This picture doesn't do justice to the strength of the current.
Our slip is adjacent to the commuter train, but it runs only periodically. Good thing! The marina itself was recently renovated and Wayne and Sue joined us for dinner on one of the new picnic tables. The owner came up to us and offered fresh sea bass that he caught yesterday. Yum! Jim is the griller extraordinaire and the fish was perfect!
The railroad bridge has an alarm and closes only when a train approaches. A siren (blasting in our ears) goes off and the boats wait to cross in the streaming current.

This picture was taken outside the door of the boat. I was hoping they would throw us a bone.

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