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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Georgetown, MD, Sassafras River

The plan for the day was a cruise up the Sassafras River to an anchorage at Turner Creek. Great hurricane hole. We were thrilled as we have not anchored of late, but the weather threatened and we decided with High Spirits to go to a marina instead. Unfortunately, the marinas are in Georgetown, which is another 6 or 7 miles up the river.

Seemed like there were a lot of "random things" as we cruised today. We finally figured out this was part of a range light.

The day was extremely hazy.

In the afternoon, the haze cleared a bit. The scenery on the river was gorgeous....probably the prettiest river we have seen so far on our trip. The sandy shoreline looked inviting!

Ruth and I hitched a ride with Delores from the Marina. Delores kindly drove us to the local grocery store which was extremely small! Too small for carts, so we carried the baskets on our arms and were careful not to buy too much as we could only buy what we could carry in the basket. There was one bunch of bananas and Ruth offered to let Jim have his morning banana. How nice!

Jim and I enjoyed dinner at the dock with Ruth and Wayne. Some nights the four of us go to dinner, but many nights we cook our own entrees and share our side dishes and dessert. Ruth made a delicious fruit salad with grapefruit instead of oranges. The "oranges" we bought at the local market were really grapefruit! We are fortunate to be traveling with such a pleasant couple. We really enjoy their company.

After we returned from the grocery store, we soaked in the lovely pool until we were prunes. At 96 degrees, who would want to leave the pool and cook dinner!
Must have been family day as we saw the Krause Tug Company with each tug named after a Krause family member. I looked for Jan Krause, but no tug with her name. Jan is now Jan Koster, my sister in law.

Saw this picture and thought it was a great name for a boat....and my sister, Marcia Lynn!

Not a very exciting stop and the weather was brutally hot. Thunderstorm warnings with 2 inch hail predicted with high winds.  Hope tomorrow is a better day as we cruise the C & D Canal to Delaware City.

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