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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Cape May, NJ......lovely.

Delaware Bay is a major estuary of the Delaware River, whose water mixes with salt water all the way up the Bay and up the river. The current is significant. Our travel from Delaware Bay south to Cape May, NJ was 61 miles....farther than our typical day. With such a large body of water, we encounter different things than we encounter in other areas. Lucky us. It was a great day!
Yeow! That freighter was mighty close. Good thing we invested in the AIS. Too bad we weren't watching. Don't know why he didn't blow his horn or call us on the radio. Jim is having a heart attack in this picture.

Here we are from High Spirit's perspective.

Salem Nuclear Power Plant.

There are many lights on Delaware Bay.
Ship John Shoal Light.

Gloria's famous wildlife photography. In case you can't see it, this is a picture of the FIN of a dolphin. We were surprised to see dolphins in Delaware Bay.

Cape May-Lewes car ferry.

I just loved watching these boys as they ran along the top of the slippery breakwater.

The more the merrier when it comes to fishing.....

More Victorian homes are in Cape May than anywhere else in the US. Amazing homes. Amazing old hotels still in use. Beautiful beaches line the shores. We are now seeing why the New Jersey beaches are so loved.
Victorian home near the beach.

Jackson Street Bed and Breakfast.

Just can't see too many pictures of the fishing fleet.

This fishing boat just returned from fishing. The flags indicate the type of fish caught. In this case the white flags indicate one kind of fish and the navy a different type of fish.  If the flags are flown upside down, then the fish were thrown back.

Lots of sport fishermen not yet in the water for the season.

Rich and Carol are the Harbor Hosts. They drove us to their home for wine and cheese and then to the Lobster House. Great restaurant! They are leaving on their loop next week.

Can't see too many lighthouses....

View from the lighthouse was incredible. 158 feet high, the lighthouse is still a working lighthouse. The Coast Guard still operates the lighthouse, but a non-profit owns the lighthouse. This is quite typical of the lighthouses we have visited.

This is on the beach. What the heck is this thing?

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