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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bald Head Island, NC - Put it on your Bucket List.

There are no cars on Bald Head Island. Most people take the ferry from Southport to get to the Island. Once on the Island, transportation is limited to golf carts, bikes and foot traffic. The Island complex is 12,000 acres, including marsh and creeks. Bald Head Island is located on the Cape Fear River in the Cape Fear Harbor.
The newly developed Marina has a really nice office!

Notice the two baby seats on the back of this fashionable golf cart.

The Bald Island lighthouse is the oldest in North Carolina. This is one of the photos from the top of the tower.

Ruth and Wayne rented bikes as they do not carry them on their boat or have any bikes at home. They look like pros in this photo, don't they?

The golf course on the Island is beautiful.

Notice the crowd on the beach. The pristine sand goes on forever. Jim and Wayne are deep in conversation.

Jim thought this fence made a fine bike rack.

The homes on the Island are amazing. Most are traditional, but this home was truly unique.

Isn't this home gorgeous? Perfect down to the details. The garages are typically smaller - just large enough for golf carts. Don't need a garage big enough for a car!

Jim, Wayne and Ruth are approaching Old Baldy Lighthouse after a long bike ride around the Island.

Jim is contemplating life......

This little guy was swimming in the marina.

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