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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Deltaville, VA - Doziers Regatta Marina, relaxing.

We left Yorktown and cruised by the Wolf Trap light on the way to Deltaville. Some time had passed since we last were on a large body of water, other than crossing Sounds and Bays. We are cruising the Chesapeake!
Imagine living at this light house. Not easy duty!

Menhaden fisherman were at work.

There were two large boats and two small boats. Menhaden are important for fish oil and fish meal used for livestock feed. Menhaden migrate and this is the time of year for harvesting on the Chesapeake.

Sometimes we just look at each other and ask....what?

We have seen many crab boats either setting or cleaning their traps.

Now, this is a lot of crab traps! Wonder where they will be delivered.

Doziers Regatta Marina is a great destination. We have found riding bicycles to be useful for our needs and exercise as well. We would not want to be without our bicycles. We rode our bikes to the Hardware and shops. Dozier's has two courtesy cars, so we didn't feel isolated. Besides, there are TWO West Marine stores withing 1 mile of each other. Yes...we visited both stores.

The weather needs to warm up to use the pool, but it is beautiful! Usually VA is hot by now, but we haven't had even one day of hot, humid weather.

Couldn't help myself. We just don't see such nice bathrooms on a routine basis. Makes one want to take a shower!

Jim was thrilled with the fountain. He can't wait to get home to his fountain and.......does it need more work?

Buick Roadmaster with 200,000 miles. Paint peeling, but it works just fine. Reminds us of Jim's partner, Harry's cars. He had two!

Loading up the cart makes our lives easier. Wayne and Ruth went grocery shopping with us.

A wedding in the afternoon!

Perfect day for a wedding. Love the black bridesmaids dresses!

Historic Markers are found in every state. This one was particularly interesting. John Smith named Stingray Point. When stuck on a shoal, John Smith was fishing (with his sword) and managed to stab a Stingray. The Stingray stabbed back, but John Smith survived and ate the Stingray. How interesting!

A few weeks ago a tornado ran through this Baptist Church. The sign in the forefront flew about 200 feet.
Our good friend Clive Van Orden visited us in Deltaville. Clive lives in Williamsburg and has ridden bicycles with us many times over the years on our trips with the Dutch Connection. Remember Pat and Ernie from Hilton Head?

Got to love fresh vegetables. Sweet peas, tomatoes, strawberries!
The Deltaville Maritime Museum was very interesting. Wooden boats is their specialty.

This "buy" boat was used to pick up oysters from the oyster men.

Jim and Wayne cannot help themselves. They were looking at the Detroit Diesel engine.

Down in the hold they found the original log construction. Five huge logs were secured together to form the base of the hull. Jim and Wayne's inspection proved the fact!

Another gorgeous sunset. The days are getting longer. Tomorrow we are off to Tangier Island.

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  1. Nice to hear about Clive. Been many a year.

    From an old friend.... Anna Cagigi Torino