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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Elizabeth City, NC - Harbor of Hospitality! Yes it is!

I noticed when reviewing my previous blogs, that I had failed to publish this blog. Instead it had remained as a draft. So, it is out of order and I apologize. We stayed in Elizabeth City on May 13 just previous to entering the Great Dismal Swamp. If I were good at this technical "stuff", I would put it in the correct spot, but I am not!

Albermerle Sound is one of the largest bodies of water to cross on the Great Loop. It is separated from the Atlantic by the Outer Banks. Weather is a great concern on the day of the crossing as the Sound is shallow and wind can create nasty wave conditions.

Fortunately the forecast was for 10mph winds and the weather held as predicted. After we crossed the sound, we cruised up the Pasquotank River, home of a large Coast Guard Operation employing 1500 people. Planes and helicopters flew overhead and we saw a dirigible on shore.

Elizabeth City is known as the Harbor of Hospitality. The City sponsors a Wine and Cheese Party whenever there are at least 5 boats in the Harbor. About 10 boats came in today and we heard from the former mayor and a city resident of the details of the route up to Norfolk and the opportunities in Elizabeth City.

Two of the boats are French speaking. One boat is from Montreal and the other couple is in a Grand Banks 42 and are from Normandy. We enjoyed dinner with the two couples as High Spirits had cruised with the couple from Montreal previously in Canada and other places along the Loop.

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