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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Norfolk & Portsmouth - Naval vessels abound!

The Great Dismal Swamp was incredible and we knew we were in for a big change. Immediately after leaving the Great Dismal Swamp we came upon Industry. Both sides of the Elizabeth River were lined with ships, commercial businesses and ship repair.

Train bridges are typically up, like this bridge. When we approached this bridge, the span was down and we watched while it was raised to the top.

Big time project!

There are many of this type of "vessel". Want to live on a houseboat? Join the NAVY!

So many people working on this ship, they looked like ants crawling all over the ship.
We stopped by the AGLCA (Great Loopers) Rendezvous to look at boats and see friends we had met along the way. Jim and Wayne, from High Spirits, are especially fond of visiting boats (of any kind), so they toured boats while Ruth and I looked for charts she needed for New York. Since the 15th  of May was our Anniversary (7 years), we had dinner near the Rendezvous with Wayne and Ruth.

Celebrating with dinner outside at the waterfront in Norfolk.
Our Marina, Tidewater Yacht Marina was in Portsmouth and located directly across the Elizabeth River from the Rendezvous and the Water Taxi cost only $.75 a ride, so we became acquainted with the staff from the Water Taxi!

We had to squeeze in between all the people riding the ferry.

Here comes the ferry.
Isn't this lightship cool!

Our Marina was located very near the Lightship Portsmouth. These ships required 8-13 men to tend them as they were anchored off shore to protects ships against shoals. Lightship Portsmouth protected harbors up the East Coast. I was so anxious to see the interior and was sorely disappointed that tours are only scheduled for the weekend.

We thought the movie would be the black and white version. We enjoyed the Conspirator.

Pretty fancy dining, eh?
The Commodore Theater a short distance from the Marina was a special treat. The theater has been renovated to allow for dinner and a movie. Food was simple....I had a fruit plate with cheese, but the interior is gorgeous! The movie playing, The Conspirator, directed by Robert Redford was especially appropriate for us as President Lincoln's assassination was the basis for the story. By the way, dessert is their specialty!
They say old sailors become trawler owners.....
We enjoyed visiting the MacArthur Memorial. Did you know ALL museums and exhibits are closed in Norfolk? We do now!

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