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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Solomon Island - pretty place

As we left Tangier Island, we encountered this ship in the fog. Looked military and we were passing through an area that had been used in the past for "practice".  There were several wrecks that were marked as hazards.

Buddy and I ran in the morning and found this pretty sight where fishing boats are launched.

Some of the homes on the way into Solomons were impressive.

Charming Victorian home.

Spring Cove Marina has a solar golf cart/car.

We cooked a meal with Ruth and Wayne and they cooked a steak for Jim. With a vegetarian wife, Jim doesn't often enjoy a steak off the grill. He loved it!

The Calvert Museum is incredible. There is so much information, you could spend an entire day.
The original Drum Point lighthouse is located at the Calvert Museum. The lighthouse was removed in the 60's and was in poor repair. Today it is beautiful. The Drum Point Lighthouse is one of three screw-pile foundation lighthouses on the Chesapeake. The foundation pilings were each screwed in manually.
The light remains in the lighthouse.
This stove was in the original lighthouse.
This is one of the screw pilings.
One of the bedrooms in the lighthouse. Early on, a man in the Lighthouse Reserve was allowed to raise his family in the lighthouse. Could not have been an easy life.
Jim especially enjoyed the complete display of outboard engines. He was showing me the engine his father used on his fishing boat.

No stop would be complete without some mechanical issue or question. Jim tackled changing the fuel filters and  had difficulty bleeding the lines (removing air in the lines). With Wayne's help, Jim was able to finish the job and start the port engine. Bad news is....he still needs to change the fuel filters on the starboard engine.

Off to Annapolis - a stop we have been looking forward to for a very long time.

Adrienne, our daughter would have enjoyed watching the otters play.

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