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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Belhaven, NC Dowry Creek Marina - a friendly place & now a 2nd Day!

Before we left River Dunes, I took one last picture of a gorgeous sailboat. It is a Morris Yacht.

This sailboat has roller furling everything. The mainsail is rolled inside the boom, where usually the mainsail is rolled inside the mast.
As we cruised into Upper Dowry Creek just past Belhaven, we found we were following three other boats with 2 additional boats behind us all headed to the same marina. The Harbormaster was the most organized we have seen so far on this trip. Typically we call the marina a day ahead of time (or the morning of ..).  Then we call the marina as we approach the harbor on the VHF radio (on channel 16, the hailing station). The Harbormaster tells each boat which side (port or starboard) will be the side tied to the dock (so we know where to put the lines and fenders). Dowry Creek Harbormaster told us we needed 6 lines to tie to the dock and which side would need fenders. The 6 boats were in a row, waiting to come in. He directed us all without issue. One by one we tied up and he moved on to the next boat.

The Harbormaster was instructing High Spirits where to tie their lines.

Leaving the knowing we would be back in only a few minutes due to High Spirit's engine problem.  They have had continual problems with their fuel system. Good thing Wayne is handy with diesel engines, because he is a bit deficient in his driving skills.

A great place to shower.....
Roscoe want a cookie?
In order to be identified as a Looper, one must carry this flag. When we see another flag, we know the occupants are friendly, kind and good looking. Just kidding! We do know they are friendly people on a wonderful adventure!
When you have completed your Loop, you can fly the GOLD flag! We bow down when the gold flag enters the harbor.
This picture does not do justice to the amount of smoke in the air. There is a forest fire near the Alligator River that has consumed 20,000 acres and is not yet contained. The windows of Crawdad had to be closed at night because of the smoke.
This man caught 2 flounder on hooks. He was planning a fine dinner that night!
The water in the rivers is dark with tanin. Reminds us of Tahquamenon Falls in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.
Here is our loaner car on day 2. We stopped at a boatyard looking for a brass washer for High Spirit's fuel system. Did $50 seem like too much for a washer? Wayne negotiated down to $5. Good job!
Good driver Ruth....5'3", reaching for the wheel of the Caprice. Were cars larger back then?
Looks like all smiles for Buddy's bath. Dad is pretty determined to clean every inch and get rid of the extra fur.
I like this dinghy!
Washing the boat is a daily ritual. Jim has become Mr. Clean. Wonder when he will shave his head.
We see all types of beacons and markers. This marker indicates the beginning of the Neuse River. Notice the yellow triangle that indicates this marker is an ICW marker. Red and green change from port to starboard and visa versa. Pay attention!
Glass bottles on a tree....mean something. Can't remember what......

The Marina courtesy car was an old Caprice Classic. No air conditioning and only some of the windows would open. Wayne and Ruth went with us to Food Lion for a few groceries. We take turns driving and some of the drivers have questionable skills. I won't be mentioning the Captain of High Spirits name here, but he needs driving lessons. Perhaps they don't require driving lessons in Ontario.
The Marina sponsored a potluck. They provided the chicken (yum) and we provided a dish to pass. Good stuff! We met a couple from Jacksonville Florida cruising up to Baltimore in a 55 foot Fleming. Jim's dreamboat.
Another gorgeous sunset. Off to the Alligator River tomorrow. We were told at the potluck that alligators are prevalent on the Alligator River. Who would have thought.....

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