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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Yorktown - sorry Wayne.....

Ruth and Wayne are from Canada and Wayne reminds us that "we" tried to take "them" over which resulted in the War of 1812. Did you know the War of Northern Aggression or the War Between the States is the same war as the Civil War? Do these statements even make sense?

Visiting Yorktown cleared up some issues. For those of you who slept through American History, the British General Cornwallis lost the Battle of Yorktown to George Washington, thereby LOSING THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR.

The Monument commemorating the Battle was approved by Congress within a few days after the battle. It took Washington 100 years to get it built. Things haven't changed, have they!

Cornwallis lived in this cave. Pretty nice digs.
We traveled from Norfolk and had a short time to visit Yorktown. Jim and I had spent more than a week in Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown two years ago, traveling with the Dutch Connection. (See a theme here - remember Hilton Head Island?) Ruth and Wayne had never visited Yorktown, so we stopped by the Battlefield and were thoroughly entertained and educated by the National Park Ranger.

There were only 3 boats at the Marina. The staff is extremely cordial and the docks are relatively new floating docks. On the other hand the current can be strong and boats are exposed to the weather. We experienced a real thunder boomer while we were there, but we were tied fast to the dock.

Kids playing on the beach and in the water. Parents bundled up in blankets.

The clerk at Ben and Jerry's gave Jim this ice cream design. Perhaps she was trying to tell him something.
We woke up to this huge cruise boat tied to our dock. These River Boats are very popular and look like a bit of good fun!

Jasmine is in bloom in VA and the Carolinas. What a wonderful odor!

Revolutionary War and other heros buried here in Yorktown.

Sailing cruises leave the dock three times a day. Such a beautiful sunset!
The group walked out to the Battlefield and the sky opened up. Rain, lightning, thunder, you name it. We scurried to find shelter and he continued his delightful review of the Battle of Yorktown.

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