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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Southport, NC - now have proof that bikes can't swim.

 The trip up the AICW (Atlantic InterCoastal Waterway) is always interesting. We never know what we are going to see. For many days now marshes have been the only sight for miles. The scenery is changing. 
This boat was along the AICW on the way to Southport, NC.  It looks like it has been there for some time. Wonder what happened....

I am sure you can tell by now, I cannot see too many shrimp boats. Aren't they amazing! The names are most entertaining!

Nice to know the Old Ferry Seafood owner has a sense of humor!

As we cruised, we could see the homes that were built on the ocean. The strip of land between the AICW and the Atlantic is quite narrow.

This is a huge home with "sticks" for the first floor.

I had to take this picture of the dunes. The view reminded me of my hometown, Holland, MI.

Marina office of St. James Marina. A great restaurant is in the building as well. On Friday night the restaurant was packed. We enjoyed dinner with former
Loopers, Leslie and Harry, who have a slip in the development. Wayne and Ruth from High Spirits met them on the Loop when in Canada.

Here we are nicely backed into the slip. There were 3 other Grand Bank 42's in the Marina.

Typical home in the St. James development. Each home is different and tastefully done.

Once again, Jim is in the engine room.  We changed the oil in the transmissions while a the Southport Marina.  It is important to change the oil when the transmissions are warm, so we planned to change the oil as soon as we arrived in the Southport Marina.  In this picture, Jim is taking a sample of the oil in the transmission before we change the oil. Very informative to review the analysis of the oil from oil change to oil change. We had the oil tested at purchase and it revealed one of the transmissions needed an overhaul.

Provision Company is a small restaurant on the water serving fresh seafood. Our order was taken at the counter and we were instructed to go to the cooler for our drink and they would deliver the food to our table. Whatever the customers drink is added to the bill based on the honor system ( includes wine or beer) and you pay on the way out the door.

Provision Company was busy at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. The waitress is doing an incredible job. How does she carry all those dishes and keep track of the food?
This picture was taken immediately after the bike swimming test. The dock was really "rocky" and my bike fell into the water. My 25 year old bike never learned to swim and sank to the bottom before we could catch it. Jim got the boat hook and "fished" it out. We were REALLY lucky to find the bike on the bottom. The current in this area is really strong. Jim gave my bike a fresh water bath, some WD40 and we were on our way. We probably won't test the bike's swimming skills again.

Buddy has been running next to Jim's bike. We are giving his as much exercise as possible. Buddy brought his kennel when he returned to the boat after his 3 month vacation in Michigan with his nephew Vernon. Whenever we leave the boat without Buddy, he willingly goes into his kennel. We are having fewer problems with missing items on the boat. Since I am the photographer, you don't see BooBoo, who is riding in his baby carrier on my chest. He rather enjoys the bike rides perhaps more than Buddy. Haha Buddy!
This home was built by a Blockade Runner during the Civil War. He made gobs of money as a Blockade Runner and built this home on the River.
Large homes and small homes line the streets of Southport. Most of the homes in the city are from the 1800's or early 1900's. So charming!

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