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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Savannah Georgia - Isle of Hope. Quite a delight!

We arrived at Isle of Hope Marina soon after noon. The boys raced to shore and smiled at me. We found a number of our friends on the dock, who had stayed in Isle of Hope an extra day due to the wind and weather.

The marina offers a "deal" of full price first day and 1/2 price for the second day. Yes, we would like a day to do "boat" chores! Jim had a faucet needing washers, a boat that needed washing, strainers that needed to be cleaned and a stuffing box that needed attention. Does that make sense! It will if you do the Loop! I spent the day working on future navigation and the BLOG!

I apologize for posting sometimes with no pictures or limited pictures, but sometimes the pictures just don't upload! But I am determined and the pictures will be posted eventually - probably in the wrong spot!

Isle of Hope is a suburb of Savannah. In fact on our errands with our courtesy car (yes!) we shopped in Savannah. Less than 5 miles away was West Marine, Walmart and Walgreens. What else could a Looper want! We actually went out to dinner both evenings. Driftaway, located about a mile away is awesome!

We are big bicyclists as we have no car! We ride bikes at almost every location. Being an avid runner, I miss the every day run, but there is exercise every day. This morning I walked for an hour at a fast pace with the boys, then rode the bikes with Jim and the boys for another hour. Boo rides in the baby carrier on my chest and Buddy runs next to Jim's bike. Maybe that is why we are not total doughboys and girl!
Less than a mile away from the Marina is Wormslow, which is a plantation started in the 1700s. The entrance is amazing and frames a mile and a half with live oaks with hanging Spanish moss. Incredible! In 1733, Noble Jones came with other settlers from England to cultivate silk worms. They were not successful with the worms, but built an incredible estate. Wormslow's tabby structures are the oldest in the area. The plantation was purchased by the State of Georgia in 1973.
The homes in the area are magnificent. Savannah is a beautiful place and we are sorry we cannot spend more time exploring the historic cites on this visit. We visited the main city area two years ago, while biking on Hilton Head and thoroughly enjoyed the city.

We are leaving tomorrow morning at 8AM with Jeremiah, Seamoore, Goofin Off and Dream Catcher, headed for Hilton Head.

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